How Likely is BJP Winning in Meghalaya Polls – A Discussion yo

Administrator 14 Feb 2018

The year 2018 is surely a significant poll year as it would set the tone for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections as well. There are a number of states that are going to the polls this year and the one of the first few in the order is Meghalaya, scheduled for February 23, 2018. The state is under the rule of Congress for more than eight years with current CM being Mukul Sangma.

The elections are being closely watched as the state has some interesting factors on which the results closely rely. On one hand, there is incumbent Congress CM and on the other hand, there is BJP, which is currently ruling most of the states in the country. Let’s look at the main ingredients which can help the party to wrest power from Congress in the 2018 Meghalaya Election.


Lack of Development in the State

One aspect that can prove advantageous for the BJP is the poor condition the state is in. Under the Sangma government, the state has witnessed poor infrastructure, lack of connectivity and scarcity of land. The government is also drawing flak for less than satisfactory performance. The declining popularity of the government may act in BJP’s favour.

Aggressive Campaigning

The thumping win in the Assembly polls last year, plus the win in the northeastern state of Assam in 2016, has bolstered the confidence of the party. This is reflected from the extensively campaigning the party is doing in the state. A number of party workers, in addition to, the dignitaries like PM Narendra Modi and party president Amit Shah too have visited the state for rallies and shows.

Stride towards Development

In a bid to woo more people, the party has also announced a development agenda. The PM himself has inaugurated a number of development projects. The prominent among them is 261 kilometers long NH line. A 70 crore deal is also in the pipeline for development of religious places in the state. Another project for Rs 61.38 crore too has been sanctioned by the government for improving the places of worship in the state.

Above all, BJP still faces resistance from regional political parties, which enjoy a stronger base in the state than the saffron party. Encashing on the anti-incumbency factor and playing the popularity card, however, can surely help strengthen its presence in the state. Its victory in the state would also affect its performance in general elections next year.

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