Why Congress is loosing it's grip from Indian politics ?

Administrator 12 Feb 2018

eckon with. It is the party which ruled the country for a long time in the past. The party was also known as the freedom fighter’s party in its early days and had a string of great leaders’ names associated with it, like Lal Bahadur Shastri. But in recent years, we have been seeing a dip in the party’s reputation that now mere 5 states of total 29 are under its governance. The conspicuous downfall from being a sole majority party to one where it could not even manage to get one-third of the seats in 2014 Lok Sabha is quite bemusing. So, let us look at some of the main factors of why and how Congress went off the track. 1.Lack of Strong Leadership For long, Sonia Gandhi has been seen as a main face of the party but was never viewed as a politician with a firm direction and plan. In addition, passing on the leadership to her son Rahul Gandhi has always been seen as a part of the inevitable course of events. The Gandhi scion, however, could not even level up to his mother’s reputation. He has never been perceived as a serious, leave alone, strong leader. His insensible statements like, ‘Poverty is a state of mind’ and ‘Politics is in your shirt, it’s in your pants’, contributed towards him never being taken seriously. It is not like the party never had a reliable leader base. It had, in fact, a string of powerful and universally loved leaders such as, Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, who substantially contributed towards national development. But the current leadership is hardly as appealing. Plus, of late the opposition parties like BJP have a charisma of Modi, which easily overshadows Congress. 2.A Long Trail of Scams Some major scams that the country ever witnessed happened during the rein of the Congress. Lakhs of crores of rupees of fraud in Coalgate, Commonwealth Games, and 2G spectrum violently shook the nation. Media’s presentation of the whole issue made it worse for the party. People could see right through the issue that many of the accused were absolved without much action taken against them. This turned out to be a major weak point for the party and opposition’s defaming of the party did not help it either. 3.Lack of Strategy and Plan One other factor that has played against the party is the weak manifesto. They never had new convincing promises that could sway votes. Plus, the party also suffered from an Anti-Hindu image for a long time. The amateur promises of starting bullet train and clearing the Ayodhya dispute by revoking Article 370 gave the opposition and media lots of pointers to slander the party. And on the top of that, the country has been practically riding on the Modi wave, which pushed the party’s status further down. The party has been taking the productive measures, nonetheless, and it remains to be seen if those work out in its favour amidst some serious visible drawbacks.

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